Gargoyle – Monster Girl Monday

Welcome to Monster Girl Mondays! Every Monday we celebrate a brand new lovely species of monster girl from Kenkou Cross’s Monster Girl Encyclopedia series with some amazing art.


Habitat: Towers, old castles

Nature: Lustful, strong-willed

Diet: Men’s Spirit Energy

Quick Facts:

  • Gargoyles are living stone statues with the soul of a demon that has transformed into the soul of a sex-crazed succubi.
  • They can’t move much while sealed to their pedestals by a sacred chain. If you happen to break it, they regain full mobility!
  • Since they turn to stone in daylight, gargoyles hunt men for sex in the dark of night. 
  • Gargoyles prefer to perch on men in the cowgirl position. If the sun rises while they’re having sex with a man, he will turn to stone along with her!
  • When turned to stone along with a gargoyle, the man receives a constant feed of sexual pleasure and demonic energy from the gargoyle and can even communicate with her. When night comes and they can move again, they’ll start having wild sex from all of the pent up energy.
  • Often when a man is turned to stone along with a gargoyle, a relentless cycle of sex at night until they petrify until the next night begins. If you get trapped like this, you may as well become her new pedestal!

Source: The Monster Girl Encyclopedia

Cyclops are possibly the kindest monster girl we’ve covered yet! Would you take one of the girls up on her offer for a night of sex in exchange for a great weapon? Let us know!


Artist: Maxa’

Artist: QueenComplex

Artist: DarkArtsKai

Artist: RND

Artist: 坑神newface

Artist: JessicaElwood



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