Centaur – Monster Girl Monday

Welcome to Monster Girl Mondays! Every Monday we celebrate a brand new lovely species of monster girl from Kenkou Cross’s Monster Girl Encyclopedia series with some amazing art.


Habitat: Plains, forests

Nature: Lustful, violent

Diet: Carnivorous

Quick Facts:

  • Centaur typically have a strong warrior’s pride, so they won’t normally attack humans. This is countered, at times, by their lustful and violent disposition where even something as little as a man’s touch will drive them crazy with lust and they will forcefully ravage him!
  • After having sex with a man, they often irrationally will chase after him and tell him to ‘take responsibility – which pretty much means have more sex with them.
  • Centaur will only let their husbands ride on their backs. If you take a ride on a centaur, be prepared for a mountain of sex when you reach your destination from all of the touching you’re doing to them!
  • Centaur have two vaginas; one where you would normally find it on a woman, and another on their rear. 

Source: The Monster Girl Encyclopedia

Could you keep up with a Raiju’s libido? If you think you have a high sex drive, why not put it to the test with the charged Raiju below!


Artist:  牛橘

Artist: BlackSaikou

Artist: Materclaws

Artist: ばん!

Artist: dom

Artist: ChuuStar

Artist: Dieselbrain


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