Mermaid – Monster Girl Monday

Welcome to Monster Girl Mondays! Every Monday we celebrate a brand new lovely species of monster girl with some amazing art.


Habitat: Oceans

Nature: Gentle and naive

Diet: Omnivorous (favors seaweed and seafood)

Quick Facts:

  • Mermaids are gentle monstergirls that primarily inhabit the ocean.
  • They tend to be hopeless romantics, waiting for their perfect man to arrive and sweep them off their fee–er, fin.
  • A mermaid’s voice is magical and can charm men who are lucky enough to hear them.
  • Mermaid blood increases your lifespan to that of a mermaid! Drinking it will ensure you live as long as your mermaid love.
  • Despite having a fishy lower body, all mermaids have a vagina; it can sometimes be obscured by their scaled, though.

Source: Monster Girl Encyclopedia Vol. 1

Living a long life with your mermaid queen sounds nice, doesn’t it? We’ve gathered some lovely mermaids for you to look at below! Who is your favorite?


Artist: TorahimeMax

Artist: GEN

Artist: 咲美ちゃん

Artist: いな

Artist: おるか

Artist: センワ



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