Merge Nymphs – Eroge Review

*Note* This article includes affiliate links but we always try to keep our articles honest!

I am addicted to these merge games! I have spent countless hours playing Merge Dragons and Merge Magic on my iPhone. It is so fun to explore and merge to find new creatures and items! So I was pretty excited when I saw Merge Nymphs on Nutaku and gave it a try and I was not disappointed.

First, let’s get down to the brass tax:
Platforms: Browser (Mac or PC) and Android app
Price: Free to play with available in-game purchases
Language: English

I tapped those Boobs of Wisdom and began my journey to my new addiction.

This game starts out like most merge game that you would play on mobile where you have levels as shown above that you must complete to build up your main island as shown below.

The things you merge are more fun than other games. There are panties, bras, toys, and more!

Much like other merge games with their dragons or other characters, your tasks are done by some seriously sexy nymphs. BUT, unlike other games, you can upgrade them and go on naughty adventures with them! They are also pretty easy to unlock, you can see I have a bunch in the above image and I didn’t spend any premium currency.

There are all types of nymphs you can get from the above human nymphs to furry nymphs if that’s your sort of thing!

I started playing this game back in 2020 and I’m still playing so that says a lot! I like how you can do a lot without paying premium currency but sometimes I’m tempted to get the cool stuff with real money! To be honest, I started this review back in 2020 and then just kept playing so much, I forgot to actually review it! That’s how sucked in I got.

Try it out for yourself play here!

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