Announcements! Merch + Monthly Giveaways!

Today we are excited to announce we FINALLY have merch! We teamed up with XMegantronX once again to bring to life the shirt she designed for Umi. 

The shirt is available in multiple colors and styles and is also available as a sticker! 

Check out our merch store where you can get your very own Lewd Crew item!

Also make sure you give our Redbubble a follow so you will be the first to know when we release new products! 

Don’t have the funds to get your t-shirt? We’ve got you! We have started a monthly giveaway program RIGHT HERE where you can enter to win merch every month. This month we are giving away a Lewd Crew pack including a t-shirt (you can choose your size, color and style limited to: unisex t-Shirt, classic t-shirt, and women’s t-shirt) and a sticker.  Enter below to win!


July Lewd Crew Giveaway

Make sure to come back regularly for daily entries and new ways to enter! 

Want to see more merch from us? Let us know what kind of merch you would like! 

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