Melona – Rule 34

When you think of Spring what comes to your mind? For me it’s cute fluffy (gooey?) bunnies! So we had a showdown of the bunny girls in this exciting poll that went down to the wire!!

Oh… ok so there was only one choice. (Finding legal bunny girls is hard!) It was Melona! Guess who won? It’s Melona! She hails from the title Queen’s Blade which began as a series of visual combat book produced by Hobby Japan which has now spanned to several light novels, three animated series, four manga adaptations, and even a video game! 

We have to admit that finding Melona art work that is dirty is pretty easy as the title is pretty ecchi but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some quality Melona artwork right? Right. Enjoy the art below and make sure to check out all the artists via the links below each image. Melona is the most powerful queen on Hentai HQ today regardless how any tournaments may turn out. *wink wink*


Artist: Ultimi56


Artist: JackRBG


Artist: Father Dimitry


Artist: Hmage


Artist: Urban


Artist: Mr.penning


Artist: γΎγ“と


Artist: Ecoas


Artist: Carmessi


Artist: Gray

Artist: Milk Ink

That’s all we have for Melona today! Make sure you vote on our next poll to decide who we feature next week via Twitter below! This week is all about cat girls! MEOW!

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