Meet Lila In Armor Blitz!

A few month’s ago I won a contest at Anime Expo where I got to make my own waifu in the game Armor Blitz on Nutaku! Guess what? She’s finally here! Meet Lila! 

Here are some early notes on her development:

Historically, this vehicle was German tank disguised as an American tank to confuse the allies in the Battle of the Bulge. So for her character story, we’re thinking that she pretends to be a US tank to be friends with the American tank girls as a shout-out to history.

Is that the case now? Is she actually a spy? You will have to play the game to find out! 

I worked with Nutaku to design Lila with myself in mind… (selfish I know!) I gave her the same color hair as me and the same two different colored eyes. I code named her Lila because it means purple in German! I must be honest and Nutaku did most of the heavy lifting with her design! They are so talented! 

Armor Blitz is an RTS game featuring cute little tank girls and cute kitties! You basically deploy your tank girls to destroy the enemy! As you battle on you get further into the story and they have voice actors as well which is super cool! 

You can roll the gachapon for new cute characters to add to your army! Right now they are having a kitty girl event where the drop rate is higher to get cute kitty themed tanks! So go take a chance and maybe you will get a kitty cutie! 

Oh! …and of course… This is a hentai game! So it gets lewd! There are lewd scenes where you enter a bath house and you can unlock sexy scenes and alternate outfits for a lot of the characters! 

Thanks for checking out Armor Blitz and I hope you play! If you get Lila in a roll make sure to tweet us

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