Queen Medb – Portable Hentai

This week’s Portable Hentai features an up and coming servant in Fate/Grand Order, Queen Medb! You’ll be able to pull her at the end of the month in the NA server’s gatcha, and we’re here to convince you why you should spend your hard earned currency for her!

Here’s some quick facts about this pink-haired beauty:

  • Queen Medb was renowned for her beauty and was almost universally loved by all men she approached.
  • She was burned by one person, a certain lancer named Cu Chulainn, because he didn’t fall in love with her.
  • Secretly, she holds doubts about what ‘love’ actually is. After being loved by so many people, the word has begun to lose meaning to her.
  • She’s drop-dead gorgeous and she knows it! She’s just as likely to compliment herself on her looks as she is to lust for another man’s love.
  • Medb can create nameless soldiers with just a drop of her own blood, leading to her renown as the queen of many soldiers.
  • Medb is a Rider class servant – despite depicting her as riding a chariot, this mechanically fits her lore well as she selfishly gathers all of the critical stars for herself!
  • Unfortunately, Medb isn’t the strongest of heroes. She tends to frequent the bottom of most tier lists, but despite this she still isn’t a bad catch from the gatcha!
  • She is voiced by Sakura Ayane, known for her many roles roles including Saiko from Tokyo Ghoul and Uraraka from Hero Academia!

Was that enough to convince you? If you’re saying no, we have a whole load of glorious art to help you reconsider. Take a look and take in all of the beauty that is Queen Medb!

Artist: くじあ

Artist: HXL

Artist: おなか

Artist: しんくろあき

Artist: SQbridge

Artist: くれりて

Artist: 5歳児

Artist: eigetu

Artist: 不嬢女子


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