Celebrate Masturbation Month with J-List!

Hey… listen… IT’S MASTURBATION MONTH! My opinion? Best. Month. Ever.

If  you’re anything like me, you should probably see a therapist… OK that sounded judgy. I should see a therapist because I am a masturbation addict. Let me take a moment to tell you how many vibrators I break a month… it’s a lot. I should add more vibrators to my Amazon wishlist tbh.

But why shop on Amazon when J-List is having a crazy h-toy sale?! You get double the j-list points all May long whenever you buy an h-toy!

They have all kinds of toys including..

  • Ona holes so you can feel like you’re fucking a real anime girl!
  • Dildos and anal plugs.
  • Lotions and lubes!
  • Body pillows/Love pillows.
  • Seriously… check out their site.


Another cool thing J-List does for you is make your package totally anonymous! That’s right! Want to keep the postal service from knowing about your pervy ways? Need to hide your masturbation from your partner? Let them know and they will hide it nice for you! Also… get a new partner if they don’t let you masturbate… wtf? Who does that?!

Learn more about J-Lists NEW anonymous shipping service!

Never forget to masturbate with an arsenal of J-List toys!

Want to help us masturbate?! Send some female lady masturbation toys to PO Box 11295 Burbank CA 91510 and we will review them! (Plus you’ll get those sweet double J-List points!)

Happy masturbation friends!