Manga Maker’s Mega Milkers – Eroge Review

Note: We received this game for free from the publisher. We try to keep our reviews honest even when we receive them for free but please keep that in mind. This is not a paid placement.

I haven’t played through too many visual novels in my lifetime. Not that I dislike them, I just can never find the time to really get involved. Also, I’m not a very patient person. As much as I love stories in video games, I need to be actively involved. I need to do more than click a button to trigger line after line of dialog. Erotic visual novels, however, are a totally different ballgame. Who cares if I can’t jump across pitfalls or shoot aliens to bits: I get to see tits! I’ll give any video game a fair shake if it is blessed with beautiful cartoon booba. And that’s what brings us to Manga Maker’s Mega Milkers, a sweet-natured erotic adventure story. Developed by Non and published by Cherry Kiss Games, the visual novel is delightful in presenting a cute sexual relationship between an artist and her biggest fan. The game is notable for its talent, as the role of Yuko Sasaki is played by the Internet’s favorite bimbo and real-life hentai doll, Stephanie Michelle.  

The pacing of the game is slow and steady, as you click through (or switch to the “auto” option) dialog scenes that provide meaningful interactions that flesh out the characters as they relate to each major story beat. When the plot calls for it, we get to see the characters engage in various sexual activities that have meaning and context within the game. It’s easy to laugh at the thought of watching porn for the story and dialog. The visual novel, on the other hand, is really good at giving weight to the story and its characters. Gratuitous sex is awesome but it’s nice to see it used in a way that supports the overall narrative. The only real bummer is that you have no control of the game during sex as you get to sit through a slideshow of static images. I would have been super bummed about this were it not for Stephanie Michelle’s erotic pillow talk. 

In Manga Maker’s Mega Milkers, you fill the shoes of a young college student named Orehara who is a bit of a loner and doesn’t have many friends. Online, however, he is Ore and the biggest cheerleader and supporter of digital artist Yon_Yon, aka Yuko Sasaki. Ore is a huge fan of the artist, especially her lewd sketches, and has bought many commissions and lavished praise on her work during live streams. Yon_Yon has never shown her face to her adoring faces, leaving Ore to speculate on what a woman who draws erotic art for a living looks like.  

Ore’s status as a college loner (and virgin) is cut short by an unbelievable stroke of luck. On his way to class, he bumps into Yuko Sasaki, a blue-haired college beauty, and accidentally knocks her and her notebook to the ground. As Ore leans down to pick up the notebook, he’s shocked to discover a series of sketches that match the style and skill of Yon_Yon. Unable to contain his utter delight, he awkwardly introduces himself as her biggest fan. Yuko recognizes the name and she’s thrilled to meet her supporter in person. Despite their social awkwardness, both Ore and Yuko hit it off pretty well, sharing their mutual love of art and hentai lewds.  She recounts Ore’s comments, which gets her pretty excited, revealing a side of her personality that very few, if any, have seen. In fact, she almost seems…aroused. 

Feeling as if their conversation would draw too much attention, Yuko invites Ore to her apartment and to his delight, finds the place to be a total nerd cave filled with posters, games, and anime figures. As the pair continue to talk about art, Yuko confessions that she’s struggling through a Creative block. She wants to draw more sex sketches but is inexperienced when it comes to drawing male genitalia. And she wants to see one in person. Badly. And Ore be like “Uh huh! Oh yeah! Sure!” Take the fucking hint, bro! When he finally understands what’s about to happen, Ore readily gives himself to Yuko as she hungrily gazes at his erect dick before playing with it with her hands. One hot blowjob scene later, Yuko wants to take things further. For her art, of course! After a mutual deflowering, Ore and Yuko find happiness with one another and start dating each other exclusively. Yuko asks Ore to model various sexual positions and scenarios during their relationship, something he’s very eager to do. 

Manga Maker’s Mega Milkers is a fun, sunny, and sexy erotic story. I liked the character of Ore and the game goes out of its way to show that he’s a Great Guy. The real star, however, is Yuko. She’s a cute, adorkable woman with an excited and eager attitude towards sex. I love how excited she would always get when they’re about to fool around. Yuko comes at Ore’s dick with an artistic and analytical eye but eventually, she’s a drooling, blubbering mess. Both characters love pleasuring each other and form a deep relationship on a physical and emotional level. The more Ore spends time with Yuko, the more he gets to go wild with his new girlfriend. Each time Yuko says she wants to practice new poses and such, the two end up having wild, messy sex. Their time together is defined by Ore being asked to model and immediately start fucking like rabbits. Occasionally, they indulge themselves in various sensual activities, from blowjobs and titfucks to risky public sex and Dom/sub play. Their relationship deepens over the course of the story and Ore proves himself to be a sweet and supportive boyfriend as Yuko opens up her talent to the world.

Yuko isn’t your average hentai sex object. She’s really fleshed out and has her own hopes, dreams, and desires toward being a better artist. She has lots of personality and it’s not defined as someone’s sexual partner. Stephanie Michelle brings her to life with a luscious, breathy style of speech. If you’ve been a longtime follower of Stephanie through her Twitter or OnlyFans, then you already know just how perfect she is for the character. Her otaku background is perfect for the nerdy artist but it’s Stephanie’s sex work that really gives Yuko her voice during the story’s intimate encounters. Her experience and method of vocal sex delivery really make the whole thing work in a way that is so deceptively easy and natural. It’s amazing how quickly Stephanie can switch to Bubbly, Arty, Nerdy Yuko, and “Pound Me Deep While You Cum In My Womb” Stephanie simulates sex sounds so well (you’d know this if you follow her content) and she makes it seem so easy. She’s so good, that you’ll have a hard time keeping your hands from yourself! Thank fuck for auto-advancing text options!

Manga Maker’s Mega Milkers has what you need in an erotic visual novel: sex with as few pretenses as possible. It doesn’t break any new ground and it’s a pretty vanilla boy meets girl setup. Making it stand out, however, is an energetic and thoroughly believable performance by Stephanie Michelle. She adds so much to the experience. Her ability to switch between “normal” and her sexier self is awesome and exhibits years of experience and practice. I very much hope to see her do more visual novels like this, as it would help me dive deep into this genre. 

You can get Manga Maker’s Mega Milkers on Steam HERE!

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