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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that MILFs are fucking awesome. I absolutely love the genre, especially in hentai (because who doesn’t love big tiddy Hentai moms). One of my earliest reviews on this website was for a gem called My Summer With MILFs, a story about a young man who finds himself in the middle of a mom harem after being targeted by his lusty and sexually frustrated neighbors. While there’s lots of good MILF content out there, I often enjoy revisiting My Summer With MILFs because it’s fun, sexy, and I really love the character designs of the older women. I bring this title up because the hentai I’m going to talk about today reminds me so much of it only this time, it comes with a fantasy/monster girl twist. Demon- and elf-girls fans pay attention because Mama x Holic is prepared to show you a real hot time! 

Image source: Mama x Holic: Miwaku no Mama to Amaama Kankei

Mama x Holic: Miwaku no Mama to Amaama Kankei is a sequel to the hentai called Love X Holic and continues the sexy misadventures of Taichi, a human living his normal life in a world where his species peacefully coexists with demihumans. Demihuman women look a lot like you and me with the exception of small, telltale features like elf ears or horns of various sizes and shapes. In Love X Holic, we were introduced to a Taichi who was grossly unlucky in making friends with his female demi classmates. And getting a girlfriend? Forget it! On one fateful day, he bumped into classmate Kuon in the most anime way possible: he trips and falls on top of her, their lips “accidentally” locking together in a kiss. The fall and sudden kiss cause the pair to bleed, resulting in Taichi’s human blood mixing with a demihuman’s, causing his body to develop a special, magical essence that acts as a high-intensity pheromone to other demi girls. Where he was once begging women to date him, now Taichi can’t fight them off fast enough!

Image source: Mama x Holic: Miwaku no Mama to Amaama Kankei

Mama X Holic picks up immediately after the events of the Love X Holic and focuses on a day that was supposed to be like any other.  While quietly suffering from the gropes and open fondling by his female classmates, an explosion causes a thick, pink gas to fill the hallways causing everyone except Taichi to pass out. That evening, Taichi is called to Kuon’s home where he meets Kuon’s, Seira’s, and Suzuka’s mothers, Mai, Sally, and Yasha, respectively. And just wouldn’t you know it, these older women are extraordinarily gorgeous. Gifted with curvy bodies accented by enormous breasts, these women show that they take after their daughters by getting nice and close to Taichi. Together, they discuss their daughters’ mysterious condition: Mai explains that what happened at school as a result of an accident in the chemistry lab and that the cloud of vapor caused a dramatic decrease in mana within the demigirls caught in its wake. Although they are mostly fine, the girls have fallen under a deep slumber and need an injection of special essence to restore their mana to wake up. To do this, a human with a super rare special essence must copulate with a female demihuman so that she may produce restorative breast milk. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know where this is going so we’ll cut to the chase: Taichi spends the next few days living the ultimate fantasy of having sex with three gorgeous and endowed monster moms so that they can make special boob milk to awaken their kids. 

Initially, Taichi has hang-ups about sleeping with married women but their repeated insistence and desire for sex (to help their daughters, of course) is enough to break his guard. Mai has a sweet and motherly demeanor but in the bedroom, she’s hot for masochistic play. After dumping his essence all through the night (and having a real good time doing it), Taichi encounters Sally hiding in a blind, tight alley – and given her voluptuous dark-skinned figure, it’s a real snug fit.  Sally wins my MILF of the Show award because she’s everything I want out of a female hentai protagonist: a busty beauty who isn’t shy about getting up close and personal. While she is keen to help her daughter by developing the special milk to wake her up, Sally’s biggest hang-up is that she’s never had sex before. Not sure how that works considering she has a daughter but who knows how dragonkin reproduce? What that means for us, though, is the chance to kick back and watch an adult woman have sex for the first time and good ol’ Taichi? He doesn’t hold back. We get a really great blowjob sequence where Sally does her first deepthroat before having extremely risky public sex. The scene is just so good and I may have watched it several times before moving on! Finally, Taichi meets with Yasha, the owner of a hot spring, and has ideas that Taichi will eventually become her son-in-law (which makes for a nice little incest-themed coupling). Yasha treats Taichi to a special bath before getting down to business. Tasha’s sexual encounter with Taichi might be pretty vanilla but the combination of her incredible body, epic huge boobs, and great ahegao faces give their scene together so much value. With enough sacred booby milk collected, it’s time to wake Taichi’s classmates from their magical slumber. And if you thought all he had to do was pour the liquid down their mouths, well, clearly you haven’t been watching a lot of hentai. I won’t spoil it for you but trust me when I say it’s really fucking hot.

Image source: Mama x Holic: Miwaku no Mama to Amaama Kankei

Mama X Holic (and Love X Holic) is fantastic porn from top to bottom. It’s got cute and sexy MILFs, fun and exciting sex scenarios, and character designs to get you hot and bothered. It easily finds a place in my personal library of hentai greats. It’s more than the sum of its sexiest bits, though. There’s a charm and cheeriness to the series that is difficult not to like. The sexual relationships on display are fun, spirited, and cheeky. It’s like watching Monster Musume but with the added joy of seeing all the cute girls fuck so good. That’s all I really need in a hentai; hot moms who are down for sex. Despite only being two episodes each both Mama X Holic and Love x Holic get a lot of mileage out of their characters and relationships after Taichi becomes a lightning rod for female demihuman libidos. The animation is solid and I love the character designs of the moms both in and out of their extravagant and super revealing outfits. Sally inches ahead because of her skin type and the fact that her outfit consists of cloth that barely conceals her goods. It’s hard to pick a winner because, like My Summer with MILFs, everyone is just so fun to watch as they give in to their sweet, sexual urges.

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