Majuu Jouka Shoujo Utea – Hentai Review

The last two hentai titles I reviewed were fun, happy-go-lucky sex comedies about a young man getting the opportunity of a lifetime: to make it with a bevy of beautiful ladies. But now it’s time to get to the weird shit. Buckle your seatbelts, ladies and gentleman, because Majuu Jouka Shoujo Utea is a nonstop rollercoaster of animated depravity. If harem romcoms are strictly your thing, consider moving along. For the rest of you perverts, this is a series chock-full of gifts that keep on giving.

At a glance, Karen and Mizuki are just a pair of average looking high school students. In truth, they both harbor a special secret: Karen and Mizuki are the alter egos of magical girls Utea Charm and Utea Grace who have a mandate from their familiar to protect the Earth from dangerous monsters. Now, their technique is a little different from your magical girls from Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura. To defeat them, Charm and Grace must release their souls and absorb them into their own bodies so that they may be purified and sent back to the magical realm. Easy peasy! Except that the girls encounter a new monster called a Lust Beast that, when absorbed, transports all of them to an otherworldly purification realm where they are then fiercely ravished by these monsters. Charm and Grace are at the sexual mercy of these monsters until their lust is satiated and then sent back to the magical world. It’s not exactly the same purification ritual they were sold on but it still gets results, right? Problem is, the frequency of the lust beast attacks begin to wear on Karen and Mizuki who find themselves falling into more elaborate mating traps. When Mizuki falls prey to a powerful lust beast, one that creates the illusion that she’s having sex with her brother and father (to hide the monster’s true form), Mizuki is broken and surrenders everything to the beast. This triggers an evolution in Mizuki that may not be for the best….

Majuu Jouka Shoujo Utea is a hentai series with an edge. Many of the sex scenes featured in this four-episode series involve the girls being caught up by monsters, their tentacles and overly large reproductive organs making short, filthy work of these two women’s spirits and bodies. By the end of each scene, the girls are left a drooling mess, their bodies covered in viscous fluids and, in the case of one episode, impregnated with monster eggs. The scenes themselves are certainly hot and heavy, as the girl’s overly large boobs bounce in rhythm to the poundings they receive, their voices crying out in painful pleasure. Tentacles explore their bodies, wrapping around their boobs, sucking nipples, and penetrating their sacred areas—often two at a time. Stomachs and eyes bulge as the creatures get more and more into having sex with these human women. The lust beasts ultimately take a back seat in the story after episode two when their grand plan is unveiled and the Earth slowly descends into ruin. Hey, it’s not all bad especially if you love futa girls. I won’t get into it in detail here—I want to leave something to the imagination!—but that evolution I mentioned earlier? Yeah, it involves magical lady dicks.

I really liked the animation in this series. Both the girls and the monsters that bone them are lively and as an oppai fiend, the design of the girls, even after their evolutions, are fantastic. At times, usually when Charm and Grace are totally getting into the sex they have, the wild animations and facial expressions reminded me of my favorite hentai artist, Alice no Takarabako  (of Sailor Bitch and Mizuryi Kei Land fame). From an animation standpoint, this is a really well produced series and really enjoyed watching it.

Though it’s darker and features a lot of monster on girl sex scenes, I thought Majuu Jouka Shoujo Uteawas pretty great. The sex is intense and futa lovers are really going to enjoy the final two episodes of the series. It’s certainly one of the more edgier and perverted hentai series I’ve reviewed for Hentai HQ, so if you are trying to introduce a significant other to hentai you might want to hold off on sharing this one until at least the third date. Fourth, tops.

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