Mahito Naked Life – Hentai Manga Review

Who knew that The Truman Show and hentai would go so well together!? Let’s explore the latest in reality television in Mahito Naked Life by Ashiomi Masato!


Our protagonist, Mahito, has an ego the size of the moon – this may be a bit inflated, though, because unbeknownst to him he’s constantly being filmed for television! The TV show Naked Life TV has been setting up encounters with ladies that want to jump his dick and filming the entire thing which may have gotten to his head a bit. He frequently encounters sexy panty flashes and, like in the manga’s first scenario, stereotypical situations like a sexy woman on the beach asking him to rub her down with lotion. Of course, the rub down turns into full blown sex quickly! The second scenario Mahito runs into is a more mature actress that supposedly wasn’t going to strip for the camera, but she quickly absconds with him to a room and shows him what an older lady can really do!  On top of it, she seems to know where every secret camera in the room is, giving tantalizing views of her ass and pussy for everyone to enjoy. Mahito’s left feeling like that last encounter wasn’t quite the typical encounter, though the viewers of the TV show seemed to love her impromptu sex scene!


Mahito Naked Life is a hentai with a really unique setup that really leaves you wanting more! Ashiomi Masato uses the Naked Life TV setup across multiple different hentai manga, but each of those focuses on a sexy girl instead of a man.  What really makes this manga stand out from the crowd, including Ashiomi Masato’s other series, is the variety in ladies we get! In one manga we go from cute and charming, to a tanned beach babe, to a mature beauty! All of the sex scenes are incredibly well drawn and, although short, hit all of the needed points for a great sex scene in a hentai. You get the sense that Mahito is a little full of himself, but the constant scenarios he runs into only keep encouraging his expanding ego. The author could easily turn this into a full series with Mahito continuing his adventures on the TV show while furthering his relationship with the woman from the second scenario! Mahito could even meet the women from the author’s other Naked Life TV manga in the ultimate crossover!

Branch out and try something new with Mahito Naked Life! You can read it on Fakku with a premium subscription right now. Maybe after you read it you’ll join us in hoping Ashiomi Masato continues this as a series!

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