Lucoa Cosplayer Mistaken To Be Male

Recently a post on Reddit went viral claiming a Lucoa cosplayer, who goes by 前羽_rr, is a male! (You can view that thread here)

Of course I totally fell for this and was thinking, “Wow! That Lucoa cosplayer is super hot no matter what gender they are!” but… it turns out 前羽_rr is actually a female! She said she made her gender male on the social network so that she could avoid male perverts from messaging her but little did she know it would cause such an uproar when everyone thought she was male!

Anyway now that the gender of 前羽_rr has been settled, not that it really mattered, here are some sexy photos from her Lucoa set! Enjoy!

Cosplay photos owned by 前羽_rr

前羽_rr is cosplaying is Lucoa from the series Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. The series isn’t a hentai but more of a fan service yuri anime. I’m currently eight episodes into the series and watching it via Funimation’s SimulDub so I will have to wait a few more weeks to complete the series but when I do I will do a full review of the first season. The anime is about an office worker (Kobayashi) who stumbled upon an injured dragon (Tohru) and saves her life. Tohru is so grateful for Kobayashi’s hospitality she dedicates herself to being her full-time maid!


Watch Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Main on Funimation now!



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