Love Witches – Eroge Review

*Note* Before reading this review please keep in mind that I did receive the game for free for the purpose of reviewing. We were not paid to review or promote this game. 

As you may know from my previous reviews I have two loves in life. Hentai and witches. Love Witches combines those two worlds together! The game is a visual novel that was initially crowdfunded and is now available on Nutaku

You begin your journey as Dean who is an ordinary tentacle who is on the hunt for the ladies! He discovers two witches in the forest Christie and Lily who take you in even though tentacles and witches haven’t had the best relationships in the past. (AYEEE hentai reference! *finger guns*) You do not see Dean for most of the game but you do get a good look at the witches in all sorts of fun situations. *wink wink*

The game overall is pretty middle of the road for me but this is the developer Cheerful Gamer’s first visual novel. I really like the soundtrack and the character design is cute. I would have really liked to see more art as the same scene with one art slide seemed to go on forever. Or possibly more animations… something to spice things up. 

The story is pretty slow paced with not a lot of choices to be made so there are only three outcomes. It is also peppered with grammatical errors which is a little off putting but didn’t ruin the game experience overall. Hopefully in the future they run their script by an editor. 

The sex scenes are good. I like that they go in different directions throughout the game and explore more than just traditional sex. There are lesbian sex scenes and tentacle sex scenes so for those of you who aren’t into seeing penis this is the visual novel for you. 

The concept is really cool and overall the game is pretty solid (especially for that $5 price tag.) So if you are looking for an affordable visual novel this is a great place to start. I’m excited to see where this developer goes in the future because they are definitely a studio to watch out for in the h-game scene! One thing I really dig about them is they delivered on the Kickstarter early which is so rare these days. 

Game details: 

OS: Windows

Language: English 

Price: $5 or 500 Nutaku Gold 

Love Witches is available on Nutaku here! 

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