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As I’ve gotten older, I’ve worked hard to keep an open mind towards sexual fetishes. Back when I was young and didn’t know any better, it was easy to recoil in disgust and poke fun at the many different ways people choose to get off. It takes a lot of energy and time to get and stay angry at something and carry on with a personal crusade against people who are into things like chicks with dicks, vore, and foot stuff. For the longest time, I was told to avoid furries because they’re “weird” and friends, that’s not a healthy outlook to have! The thing of it is, this world has a tendency to suck the joy out of life so you know what? If people want to rub one out to sexualized images of Minnie Mouse or dress up in incredibly elaborate fursuits, then let them!

As I’ve grown more comfortable about myself and the things that get me off, it seemed almost natural that I would develop the itch for sexy drawings of busty, anthropomorphized animal girls. It was a steady progression at first. What started out as lusting for cowgirls, bunny girls, wolf girls grew into more elaborate creatures like dragons, snakes, and even sharks! Not only do these depictions come off as really sexy but what I admire most about furry art isn’t so much seeing the chromatic dragons fucking each other but the skill needed to blend human and animal elements together to create a coherent and believable chimera. It can’t be easy but naturally, these talented artists have a habit of making it seem just so. 

For this Rule 34 post, I’d like to share pics of the cartoon character I attribute to opening the floodgates of my newfound furry fandom a few years ago – Space Jam’s Lola Bunny! She bounded her way into the ol’ spank bank after a cursory search on the Internet revealed some magnificent treasures!

Artist Source: zhennith
Artist Source: DDOYS
Artist Source: sarantics
Artist Source: DiscordtheGE
Artist Source: Yurai
Artist Source: DixyCore
Artist Source: alfa995
Artist Source: rustydx
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Artist Source: DDevil_OYS
Artist Source: Macaronneko
Artist Source: Whisperfoot
Artist Source: Owner
Artist Source: itsazack

Space Jam 2! Probably on HBO…whenever, I dunno. The movie looks kinda lame, to be honest. And I don’t like the CG version of Lola much, either. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going over to my corner to vigorously enjoy these images.

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