Lilim – Monster Girl Monday

Welcome to Monster Girl Mondays! Every Monday we celebrate a brand new lovely species of monster girl with some amazing art.


Habitat: Demon realm

Nature: Lustful

Diet: Men’s spirit energy

Quick Facts:

  • Lilim are a special kind of succubus – those born directly to the Demon Lord and her husband!
  • Their primary goal in life is to have harmony between men and monsters through exploring each others’ bodies and engaging in lustful sex!
  • Despite their massive magic power, Lilim rarely need to use it. Most men fall for a Lilim at first sight!
  • Lilim constantly are in search of their one true love. If you’re a man and you catch a Lilim’s fancy, expect her to slap a proverbial ring on your finger and make you her personal fucktoy husband for the rest of your life! 
  • If you’re a woman and a Lilim catches you, she’ll likely ravage you to the point where you turn into a monster girl yourself! Your final form can change depending on the Lilim’s mood – it could be a form that suits you, or a form that the Lilim feels like turning you into at the time.

Source: The Monster Girl Encyclopedia

Lilim, being daughters of the Demon Lord herself, are all about perpetuating monster & mankind relationships by any means. We think we may have fallen in love with them at first sight – what about you?

Artist: Maritan

Artist: monorus

Artist: tostantan

Artist: Veralde

Artist: Leirix

Artist: Nanostar


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