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The Mass Effect trilogy is one of most entertaining, if slightly flawed, science fiction franchises in video games. Instead of mindlessly blasting aliens in the name of humankind, you got to explore planets and interact with different alien species in a galaxy that was well defined and rich with lore. The franchise ended on a sour note, between the ending of Mass Effect 3 and the backlash against Mass Effect: Andromeda you couldn’t go five minutes without stumbling on some angry opinion piece about how BioWare betrayed its fans or how EA ruined the studio. These days, it feels like tempers have cooled and Mass Effect has been thought of fondly by those who played them. However, I’m bracing for a resurgence of anger and temper tantrums after the remaster comes out!

As for me, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is another chance to enjoy the company of my favorite character, Liara T’soni. Not only is she a great, solid character who goes through a fascinating arc across the three games, she’s also one of the sexiest aliens! Though she doesn’t play a huge role in Mass Effect 2, I made her a permanent fixture in my adventuring party and did everything I could to romance her. Cute, intelligent, blue and freckled, Liara has gone onto be an Internet darling — especially with Lewd Internet. Liara is a popular fixture for Rule34 content and I’m here to share some of my favorites!

Artist: Antelon
Artist: WitchKing00
Artist: BitterCream
Artist: Witchking00
Artist: RocatArt
Artist: RizDraws
Artist: Lipatov
Artist: Dima Ivanov
Artist: RizDraws
Artist: Roumgu
Artist: Japes
Artist: ImpArt

My name is Commander Burnerman, and Liara T’soni is my favorite sexy alien on the Citadel!

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