Lewd Wish Rejection – Review

Megan is known around here as the creator of our fearsome duo mascots Umi and Tenti …but… did you know she is also writing her very own Doujinshi? It is called Lewd Wish Rejection and it comes in the form of a light novel with fully colored illustrations. 

The story revolves around a college student named Grant who has a crush on his gal pal Aimee. Of course it seems like he’s been perma-friendzoned by Aimee. After she coldly rejects him he happens upon a genie in a bottle baby and he rubs her the right way. (Yeah. I went there.) He wishes for the genie to be his girlfriend and sexy madness ensues! 

Currently there are only three chapters out but honestly I cannot wait for the next one. When I began reading this it felt a tad clich√© but once a genie entered the picture I knew I was in for a fun ride. I have a sneaky suspicion that the genie has other motives for wanting to be Grant’s girlfriend because let’s face it, genies are never trustworthy. 

Another thing I really dig about this story is the character design. Aimee is a little gothic stark contrast to the genie. I can’t wait to see who Grant really ends up with. Sure this story is mostly about the hot sex scenes but also the plot has totally pulled me in which is one of the reasons I often prefer hentai to actual porn. 

I highly recommend this story and I hope Megan keeps delivering awesome new chapters and illustrations. I really can’t wait to see where it goes! 

You can read Lewd Wish Rejection for FREE here.

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