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On January 21st, Capcom launched a special Resident Evil showcase that offered a full reveal of the upcoming Resident Evil Village, the newest entry in Capcom’s long-running survival horror franchise. As a direct sequel to Resident Evil VII: Biohazard–itself a brilliant and much needed upending of the classic RE style–you’ll once again control player protagonist Ethan who finds himself in a new, scary hilltop mansion occupied by a coven of vampire-like creatures. These women are led by Lady Dimitrescu, who appears to have some connection with the twisted family you encountered in the laast game. Who these vampires are and what their plans are for Ethan will be explored when the game comes out in May 7th, 2021.

For now, though, join me as I lust after my newest waifu, Lady Dimitrescu! First revealed in a Twitter post by Capcom, she has already taken the Internet world by storm. Bearing a resemblance to the Japanese yokai Hachishaku, the Lady’s tall, statuesque, and alluring presence have fueled the Internet’s honry call for Rule34 content and it has responded in kind. Below, we’re happy to share a handful of artists who have put their own erotic spin on this new character, and I am 200% all for it. As you can see, the images focus on a lot of fetishitic features that I’m a huge fan of like her motherly nature, breast size, breast smothering, and an ass that will use your face as a stool. She truly is the total package!

Artist: BitterCream
AD: Nutaku
Artist: Erovsaaaka
Artist: JamesAB
Artist: JamesAB
Artist: Kelvin Hiu
Artist: Neoartcore
Artist: Nyiccco
Artist: QualonHive
Artist: Royal_Nod
Artist: Scarlettann
Artist: Shinyglute
Artist: SoftShikiOni
Artist: Tomboy-sama

We hope you enjoyed this collection of erotic art featuring the Internet’s newest big tiddy goth mom and I look forward to more content as the game nears release. Until then, remember: she won’t be able to come inside and play if you don’t invite her in. And put those cloves of garlic and holy symbols away!

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