Kyonyuu Princess Saimin — Hentai Review

If a genie appeared and offered to grant a single wish, what would you ask for? Money? Eternal life? Everlasting youth? How about the total enslavement of an entire fantasy kingdom? Such is the ambition of the chief antagonist who, after discovering his true lineage, decides to take revenge against a kingdom that wronged his homeland by fucking his way straight to the top. Kyonyuu Princess Saimin is another beautifully erotic production from Bunnywalker, the outrageously talented studio responsible for high class smut like Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e, Ecchi na Onee-chan ni Shiboraretai, Ane wa Yanmama Junyuu-chuu, and Baka Dakedo Chinchin Shaburu No Dake Wa Jouzo Na Chii-Chan. And if you’re familiar with these titles, then you already know that you’re in for a treat. 

Image Source: Kyonyuu Princess Saimin

Kyonyuu Princess Saimin has a story but I felt that the translation leaves room to suggest that either the main character is an unreliable narrator or that those responsible for helping the main character rise to power might have some ulterior motive. Whatever the reason, the MC is approached by a dark-skinned assassin named Kuzaha who shares the legend of a magical egg that can somehow grant wishes. He is encouraged to use the artifact in the name of his kingdom which was struck down by the rival nation of Burkan some time ago, leaving him as the sole heir of a destroyed kingdom. In a scheme to take revenge and quell the resentment of his people, the MC uses the egg to gain the hypnotic ability to control people’s will. He uses this to stage a unique assault on the Burkan kingdom: usurpation by sexual conquest of the king’s wife and two daughters. And because he can control hundreds with a single command, there is no one to stand in his way. 

This is good for us, the viewer, because we bear witness to scenes of wonderful sexual activity  through the MC’s plot to fuck three of the most gorgeous girls in the Burkan kingdom. First is Tamanna, Burkan’s queen and owner of the largest set of breasts this side of the empire. Second is Saphina, a princess whose innocence is handily taken away by her new master. And finally, there’s Farasha who gave up her mantle of a princess to become captain of the Queen’s guard. No amount of holy protection and military might saved her from the mental control placed over her by the new king. Over the span of two episodes, we get a front row seat to the MC’s sexy takeover as he pits each woman in such fantastic and tantalizing situations guaranteed to get you amped up. Try as they might to struggle and break free of his control, there comes a point where these women become so addicted and hungry for sex that they don’t need to be magically coerced to worship at the altar of his dick.

Image Source: Kyonyuu Princess Saimin

If your fetish happens to involve a perpetually erect main character who uses his non-stop erection to plow beautiful busty women and spew buckets of cum all over the screen, then there is little left for me to say about Kyonyuu Princess Saiman only to get off your ass and prepare yourself for 30 minutes of hot, hardcore action. Bunnywalker knows how to animate the hell out of sex and this particular series features some of the best blowjob scenes I have had to privelege to watch. Despite the plot being rather dark as women are forced into sex through mind control, the sex doesn’t venture too far into the deep end save for an extraordinarily tame bondage sequence. Kyonyuu Princess Saiman is a gorgeously produced, powerfully erotic series that’ll leave you hungry for more. I’d love to see more episodes, maybe one that focuses on Queen Tamannan, who is one sexy, skilled mama. 

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Image Source: Kyonyuu Princess Saimin

I would end the review there but since we still have some time together, I’d like to spend it singing Bunnywalker’s praises. Look, when it comes to porn, you don’t have to work very hard at it in terms of production values. The performers are on center stage and people would be completely satisfied watching two consenting adults go at it like rabbits in a quickly dressed broom closet. One of my favorite things to look for in POV porn is how they tried to mock up hotel rooms. The sky’s the limit with animation. The medium lets porn creators build imaginative sets for their characters to frolic in, like enchanted forests, sleazy love hotels, or zero gravity space stations. Animated hentai benefits the most from a talented staff who can make an episode of Kyonyuu Princess Saimin look just as good, if not better, than an episode of Dragon Ball Z Super or Cowboy Bebop. Bunnywalker’s catalog of hentai is nothing if not consistent for their high production values. I’ve seen my fair share of cartoon sex scenes that rely heavily on repeating animation sequences, cutting frames, and not getting the best expressions from its animated actors. Bunnywalker’s OVAs are the complete opposite. Each sex scene is rendered in such a way that pays attention to gravity and momentum eve if certain objects are shown to move around with some degree of exaggeration, like the way Farasha’s breasts swing and sway during sex. Each sequence benefits from added frames that do a great job of simulating the sudden and violent body movements that usually occur when two people are slamming their bodies together. X-ray shots, in which we see a cutaway shot of a woman’s womb molding and reacting to the piston-like movements of the main character’s dick, look fantastic and are really fun to watch—and that’s coming from someone who normally doesn’t like them because I find them distracting. 

Image Source: Kyonyuu Princess Saimin

So, yeah. Kyonyuu Princess Saimin and the rest of the Bunnywalker library of smut is fucking awesome and needs to be consumed on a regular basis.  

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