Kink Inc – Eroge Review

**Note** There are affiliate links within this post but we do make every effort to keep our reviews honest.

This week I am playing Kink Inc, a free browser game from our friends over at Nutaku Games!

The basics:
– Platform: Browser & Android
– Language: English
– Price: Free to play with available purchases
– Genre: Idle clicker

The game starts out with a good pun and you know I love a good pun! The boss’ name is Richard and all the ladies want his Dick. Also there is a character with a cream pie shirt that I need IRL tbh lol!

This game gets right into the hentai which is surprising. It starts right out with hentai and you get some at the end of each chapter. I feel like most of these F2P games make the hentai near impossible to get to unless you pay but this one just gets right on with it!

The art is also REALLY great! It isn’t the traditional “anime” Japanese look. Definitely more American. The style is GORGEOUS and I love the neon lights and cute girls. Characters also seem pretty easy to get. They seem to be fixed on a per-chapter basis so move through the chapters to unlock more ladies!

The biggest con in this game is trying to get the plugs. They definitely want you to pay for them and they are hard to come by. If you are down to wait, the daily rewards do hook you up quite nicely though.

They do events pretty often! I played for about a week and saw two events but forgot to get screenshots so above is one of the next event! The events are a great way to get a bunch of plugs and characters!

In conclusion, I would say this game is super robust for an F2P game and a fun thing to casually play!

Play Kink Inc here FOR FREE!

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