Kerrigan – Rule 34 Round Up

I am SUPER late with this post! I’m so sorry! Hopefully the sexiness of Kerrigan will make up for my lateness. *wink wink* 

If you aren’t familiar with StarCraft, Sarah Kerrigan was a psychic Terran female who was betrayed and left behind to be captured by the Zerg Swarm. That didn’t keep Sarah down! She took over the Zerg and proclaimed herself the Queen of the Blades. This rule 34 article which feature her in both Terran and Zerg form ..and… maybe a few HoTS skins. Enjoy! 

Artist: Tarakanovich


Artist: Ganassa


Artist: Hina Kitty


Artist: Mister69M


Source: Jigglygirls

Artist: BGBDM

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