Jessie Raspberry – Final Fantasy VII – Rule 34

I am going to be completely honest with you: until the Final Fantasy VII Remake, I had no idea that Jessie was supposed to be a woman. I lay blame on young Burnerman’s general naivate as well as the overly blocky and pixellated design of the game’s characters. Granted, I thought the character’s behavior was a little off, like when she brushes soot off of Cloud’s face when he meets the rest of AVALANCHE on the train after bombing the Shinra Reactor — but I thought “he” was just overly friendly! Cut to 2020 and I’m sitting playing the demo when Jessie appears, causing me to point at my screen — Leonardo DiCaprio in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood style — and shout, “Holy shit! Jessie’s a woman!”

And what a woman! Because the entirety of the remake takes place within the Midgar portion of the larger story, there was a lot more time to flesh out Jessie as a super cute, flirty, and outgoing woman with a lust for life and risk. Today’s feature is a celebration of this super sexy Final Fantasy VII character who got a lot more screen time and burrowed herself deep into my heart! Oh, and keep an eye out for surprise visits from a few of Jessie’s friends!

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Jessie Raspberry is definitely one of the greatest additions to come out of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, wouldn’t you agree? Thanks for checking out our latest Rule 34 post! Who would you like to see next? Tweet us and let us know!

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