Jessica Rabbit – Rule 34

Many of us grew up with one seriously bodacious babe and her name is Jessica Rabbit. Pretty much everyone had a crush on her in one way or another and why wouldn’t they? From those dangerous curves to the perfect face to the mad sense of style to the sultry voice… what is not to love?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit gave us our first look at this hottie but today we’re going to show a little more than her playing patty cake. *wink wink* Below is a collection of lewd Jessica Rabbit illustrations from some of the best artists around. Make sure to check out all the artists below each image because they have so much more to offer! 

Artist: Devilhs


Artist: Taboolicious


Artist: SijiX


Artist: Malkior–X


Artist: Parsujera


Artist: Killicillin


Artist: Sakimichan


Source: Jiggly Girls

The battle is on for the ruler of the next rule 34 article! Vote below on Twitter your favorite queen and she just may receive the royal hentai treatment! 

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