Officer Jenny – Game Girls

Every Friday we spotlight a brand new game girl for you to feast your eyes on. Welcome to Game Girls! This week we’re pairing our recent Nurse Joy Rule 34 post with another re-occurring character from Pokemon – Officer Jenny!

Name: Officer Jenny

Game: Pokemon

Game Type: RPG

Age: 25-30

Occupation: Police officer

Strengths: Catching criminals, giving Growlithes the good belly rubs

Weaknesses: Family gatherings are very confusing to onlookers

Fun Fact: The many Officer Jenny’s out there may look identical, but Brock can easily tell them apart! While we don’t know Brock’s secret to identifying these gorgeous gals, we can tell where they’re from by the shape & color of the badge on their hats – it changes depending on what city & region they’re from!


Artist: Oozenzyme

Artist: Mikiron

Artist: ElCheshire

Artist: WitchOfAvalon

Artist: Deadly Mixture


Artist: Revolverwing

Artist: ViViVooVoo

Artist: Nidavellirstudios

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