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I love a good erotic thriller. Not only are they a nice departure from my typical playlist of “boobs first, ask questions later” but sometimes I like having a little plot in my porn. Jashin Shoukan: Inran Kyonyuu Oyako Ikenie Gishiki marks a number of boxes on my hentai bingo card: it’s got a plot, sexy, lonely women, big boobs, and a mystery that sees our protagonist getting in a little over his head within a garden of fleshy delights. Bunnywalker once again delivers the goods with fantastically good-looking hentai filled with hot sexual encounters and gorgeous, breasty ladies.

Image source: Jashin Shoukan: Inran Kyonyuu Oyako Ikenie Gishiki

Tani Ichiro fucked up and he knows it. While out drinking with a woman, he allows himself to be lured into a stupid plot to embezzle money from his workplace. After a little effort, he successfully delivers the money but is shocked to be double-crossed as the mysterious woman runs off with the cash and leaves him holding the bag. Tani flees, angry at this betrayal and his willingness to go along with the scheme. After ditching his car, Tani wanders through a snowy forest with nothing but the quiet snowfall and his angry thoughts to keep him company. From out of nowhere, a strange orb of colorful light catches Tani’s attention and leads him deeper into the forest until he eventually arrives at the threshold of a large, stately mansion that seems like it was trying to hide from the world. Despite its large size, the house has only three residents: the gorgeous and dignified Rurie Munakata, her sultry daughter Nakoto, and their quiet, reserved maid Ren Takahara. Rurie and Tani make polite conversation, with the former asking why he has arrived at their home. Not wanting to reveal his predicament, Tani makes up a bullshit story about being a representative from an education-based book publisher. With the snow slowly turning into a storm, Rurie offers Tani to stay with them in exchange for tutoring Nakoto. That, my friends, sounds like a pretty sweet deal! Tani is a little annoyed with having to keep up the ruse but given the circumstances, pretending to be a tutor is a lot better than spending time in a prison cell. While Tani contemplates his next move, he is greeted by Rurie wearing the most outrageously sexy set of lingerie that works hard to accentuate and tease the sight of the best breasts hentai can offer.

Image source: Jashin Shoukan: Inran Kyonyuu Oyako Ikenie Gishiki

It is here that Rurie explains her predicament. Being a mere lonely housewife has its problems, what with there being no man in the house…thigh rub, thigh rub, thigh rub…after her husband died…stroke, stroke, fondle…and it’s just so hard not having a male presence in the house…. For all his hesitation, Tani’s resolve breaks and he lets Rurie take the lead, and boy, does she know her way around a dick! Despite her husband’s absence, the widow still has game as she shows off her great blowjob face before we get some really hot x-ray shots of her tongue doing some real work. She stops here, frustrating Tani (and me), so that she may make an odd request: Rurie wants him to have sex with her daughter, Nakoto; to be her first lover and teach her the ways a man can pleasure a woman. Thus Tani goes through a strange back and forth between these two women as they send him back and forth like a ping pong ball with strange errands. At face value, it sounds like a bad adventure game sequence. Rurie wants Tani to have sex with Nakoto and make her a woman. However, Nakoto has a chastity belt that prevents Tani from doing anything more than mouth and ass play. In order to unlock the belt, Nakoto tells Tani to impregnate her mother. Rurie doesn’t want to go that far, for some reason (maybe lingering fidelity to her previous husband?) but Nakoto mentions that a passionate kiss will break her meager defenses. The two have sex, and Rurie presents him with two keys: one to Nakoto’s lock, the other opens every door in the house. 

Image source: Jashin Shoukan: Inran Kyonyuu Oyako Ikenie Gishiki

As I said, it all sounds kind of like a bad video game! This, however, is where the plot thickens, folks! Stumbling around late at night, Tani wanders into the wrong room and finds Rurie’s husband’s old study. Browsing the shelves, he stumbles upon a diary that hints at some pretty wicked stuff, including notes for a strange ritual and sacrifices. What does it mean? What, exactly, is going on in this house? Wiill Tani get to fuck Nakoto? These are the important questions we are left with by the end of the episode.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Bunnywalker just totally kills it with this release. Every one of their titles has been consistently sexy and gorgeous to watch and Jashin Shoukan: Inran Kyonyuu Oyako Ikenie Gishiki is another worthy addition to their growing catalog. Time and again, this studio has proven itself to be a pioneer of high-quality erotic animation as their sex scenes are engaging, extraordinarily well animated, and directed well. Now, I don’t really count myself as a hardcore fan of anal sex but Tani’s first encounter with Nakoto had me changing my mind because it was so damn good! The women here are stunningly gorgeous and eye-catching, with large boobs, hot bodies, and are exciting to watch as they get fucked. My favorite scenes were those that involved Rurie because, well, I love big-breasted MILFs! Sex-wise, there’s nothing too out of the ordinary here but it’s the combination of high-grade animation, camera direction, and dialog that makes this hentai simply too good to miss. 

Image source: Jashin Shoukan: Inran Kyonyuu Oyako Ikenie Gishiki

I look forward to checking out the second episode of this little hentai OVA so I can find out what, exactly, is going on in this house and why there were notes left behind regarding sacrificial rituals. I also hope that we’ll get to see Tani have another turn with Rurie, who is just so utterly gorgeous, and maybe even the cute maid! Or, better yet, both!

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