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We used to do this back in the day and it was really popular but then we stopped…. for no reason at all lol! So, I’ve decided to bring it back!

It’s especially hard right now to find hentai products with more and more sites shutting down and going straight-up SFW mainstream anime. So I hope to help by gathering my favorite new/new to me hentai stuffs each month! That will include figures, books, digital goods, anime, and more! NOTE: Some items do include affiliate links but no one paid to be here.

Newest Nutaku Game: Queen’s Libido Diary

Platforms: Browser & Android
Price: Free with in-game items you can purchase
This is an auto battler with a sexy twist! You can read my full review of it HERE or you can just go play it HERE

New Manga: Record of Magical Tentacles by Mashoku Jorouroku

Physical copy/paperback
Price: $13.50 USD

This is a fun manga full of tentacles and monster girls! As far as I can tell, this is only available on JList and there is only one left. So hopefully you get your paws on it before it’s sold out! You can get it HERE!

Numi Dakimakura

Size of pillow: 59″ x 20″ (150 x 50 cm)
High quality Two-way Tricot Fabric.
Double Sided Vivid Quality Print.
Directly supports the artist/creator

Price: $68 USD

This cute daki features the vtuber Akuma Nihmune in a sexy pose. One thing I love about uwuMarket is that they directly support the people behind the work! How cool is that? You can get it HERE!

DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation Life Sized Oppai Mousepad – Monica

2-way Tricott fabric filled with the highest quality silicon
Pre-order ships April 2023
$330 USD but at the time of posting this on sale for $297 USD

If you’re a big fan of the girls of DEAD OR ALIVE like I am, this mousepad is next level! It’s HUGE so you can rest your whole arm… or whatever else you wish to rest. You can pre-order it HERE.

H-Girl: Hisasi Artworks 2011-2018

Physical copy/paperback
Price: $39.95 USD
Pre-order ships August 24, 2023

Hisasi is a PROLIFIC doujin/hentai artist and some of his greatest pieces and never before seen pieces are featured in this book. You can pre-order it HERE!

Amaaayzing Original Heroine – Iori Daki Cover

Daki pillow COVER (pillow not included)
The cover is huge, the large type of daki cover, and you can get any large hug pillow from Bed, Bath & Beyond to put in it. Two sided, with sexy on one side and even sexier on the other.
Price $164 but on sale at the time of posting this for $147.60

If you like ’em extra thicc, this daki pillow cover is the one for you. Plus I love to see the representation of the curves! Get yours HERE!

Do You Like Big Girls? Vol. 7

Physical copy/paperback
Price: $13.99 USD
Pre-order ships June 6, 2023

Do You Like Big Girls is about TALL women! I loved this title back when eroHero was a thing and HentaiScribe reviewed it previously if you want to learn more. The 7th volume is available for pre-order HERE!

Momo Nekoyanagi 1/6 Figure ver.2 Illustration by Kurehito Misaki

Painted PVC Figure
Approx 10.25 inches/260mm tall
Price: $250USD at the time of posting this on sale for $225USD
Pre-order ships August 2023

This figure is so cute and I cannot wait for it to arrive! The clothes are removable too… *wink wink* It’s available for pre-order HERE.

Seika Jogakuin Kounin Sao Ojisan THE HOLE – Special Limited Edition

Length: 18cm (7.1in)
Weight: 470g
Price: $40 USD

This onahole is based off of the hentai Seika Jogakuin Kounin Sao Ojisan featuring one of the main characters Louise. It is of medium firmness and size with a textured inside. You can get it HERE!

Give Me Back My Sexual Stigma – Inmon Kaeshite

Physical copy/paperback
Pages: 28
Price: $14USD

The art in this one is so cool and it features some sexy futa action! Get it HERE!

I hope you like the return of these product round-up articles. Think we should feature something? Tweet us to let us know!

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