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The vengeful counterpart of Jeanne d’Arc, Alter Jeanne, has arrived in the US version of Grand Order! Originally summoned by Gilles de Rais in the Orleans singularity, Jeanne Alter makes a brand new appearance in the current event and has been introduced to the gacha. 

For those of you who aren’t as attuned to Fate/Grand Order, the vengeful Jeanne Alter is one of the most popular characters from the game. She’s so popular, in fact, that many people have been saving every little bit of in-game currency since the English game arrived for her. This event comes hand in hand with the recently released gacha rates for Fate/Grand Order:

That’s a .7% chance per roll to get a single 5* servant. Jeanne Alter has her chance to be rolled increased during this event banner, but that’s such a low number, you can imagine how many people have come away spending hundreds of Saint Quartz to come away with nothing! It’s a risky gamble to save your currency for her which speaks volumes to the popularity of the character. 

If you haven’t rolled for her yet, we have a handy guide to help you improve your odds:

Step One: Look at all of the lewd art of Jeanne Alter below.

Step Two: ???

Step Three: Roll roll roll! 

Once you’ve rolled, let us know how you did! Did Jeanne Alter come home to you, or has she escaped your summons this time around? If she didn’t appear for you, just remember that she’s filled with a lot of hateful emotions right now and might need some time to come around. She’ll be back in many more banners to come! Enjoy all of the great art below and be sure to check out the artists for more great art!

Artist: 柴くみこ

Artist: Sciamano240

Artist: すくも

Artist: 朝橋つゆ

Artist: yas

Artist: 能都くるみ

Artist: 清除代行

Artist: やのち

Artist: chechoski

Artist: すてりす

Artist: J E T



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