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DISCLAIMER This manga is hosted on eroHero which is owned by the same people as Hentai HQ. We try to keep our reviews as honest as possible but in such cases there is always a possibility of bias. Please keep that in mind while reading this review.

Hentai has an earned reputation for spotlighting extreme sexual acts. Not all Japanese porn pushes the boundaries of good taste and with good recommendations and curation, it’s possible to enjoy the genre’s more tasteful offerings. It’s only when you go off the beaten path that you have to be prepared for stumbling on some pretty heavy and wild material. Demon sex, sounding, body transformation, body horror, human sacrifices, and even poo has found a home in the medium and depending on your constitution, you either may be totally into it or find yourself scrounging for soap to rub into your eyes. Jail ZERO is an erotic comic that lulls the reader into a false sense of security and as such, I feel compelled to offer a warning for any sensitive porn users out there that this work gets a little out of control!

Shizuku Kujou is a twenty-six-year-old woman who owns and operates a modest (and empty) apartment complex inherited to her by her aunt and uncle. Despite her earnestness and hard work, she struggles to make ends meet because no one wants to rent any of the rooms. With nothing but free time on her hands, Shizuku occupies herself with all kinds of busy work and neighborly interactions. One day, Shizuku decides to splurge and buy herself a computer. Nothing fancy, just a little something to help her better connect with the outside world and share her collection of stuffed animals. And like everyone else on the planet with an Internet connection and nothing to do, her online adventures inevitably led to porn via a website called Gore Nuke. Shizuku is shocked and outright offended by the sexually explicit material, being a pure, chaste woman who has a fear of men. That doesn’t stop her body from reacting to erotic stimuli. For the first time in her adult life, Shizuku experiences the personal, private thrill of self-stimulation. 

Over time, Shizuku‘s lingering thoughts of the website’s content develop into an obsession she cannot break. She visits Gore Nuke more often and tries to develop a connection with the women in the pictures. Why would they willingly give themselves to a bunch of strangers? Why all the rough sex? Her newfound interest in sex leads to more intense self-love as she plays with her body with her fingers and all manner of produce in arm’s reach. In the midst of a post-fap stupor, she submits a post to Gore Nuke: “Please torture me.” Shizuku immediately throws her computer away, horrified by what she’s done, and decides to forget the whole thing altogether. Until she gets a knock at the door….

Jail ZERO is an illustrated peep at one woman’s downward spiral into sexual deviancy. BalloonClub leaves no sexy stone unturned in this wild, somewhat unhinged tale of Shuzuku’s rough and downright, primal-like sexual awakening. The real action of the story doesn’t kick in until Shizuku is introduced to her new tenant Gouda, whose appearance raises a whole bunch of red flags (is his appearance a coincidence or could he be connected to Gore Nuke? Read and find out!). Shizuku is uncomfortable with Gouda, as she is nervous around men, and yet she can’t ignore the effect he begins to have on her. Quick to masturbate with veggies, she allows herself to conjure images of what it must be like to have sex with a stranger. Her carelessness with her fantasies leaves her exposed to Gouda, who doesn’t hesitate for a moment to stick his frighteningly large dick inside her. The experience of having sex with a man for the first time is almost too much to bear for Shizuku, who faints after coming to orgasm which is just intense enough for her to experience short-term memory loss. Shizuku’s first time opens a door that cannot be closed, leaving her and the reader to experience unforgettable sexual conditioning. 

If you’ve read A Mother’s Prison on eroHero, then you have a good idea of what to expect from a BalloonClub creation. This is yet another story about a woman subjugated by a bunch of horny dudes who think of no one’s pleasure but their own. They delight at the thought of breaking down the will of women like Shizuku until they’re left babbling mindlessly in a pool of warm sticky man stuff. Shizuku undergoes her own gauntlet of perverse acts that might be a little difficult to watch unfold. Her encounters with Gouda aren’t too bad on the surface but when his friends enter the picture, things get a little out of control. That’s because these men bring very specific fetishes to the table. In that regard, no one can say Jail ZERO is “boring” because something new is introduced in each chapter including, but not limited to, extreme bondage, scat, enemas, and questionable drug use. 

Jail ZERO is an intense, erotic thriller that provides a little bit of everything. It can be a difficult read for those not into the kinda consensual/non-consensual relationships that develop between Shizuku and Gouda’s gaggle of horny friends. This is not an NTR story, even though it has a tinge of that flavoring, but I felt bad for the state of Shizuku’s life at the end of the manga given that the epilogue depicts Shizuku as being so thoroughly transformed from all the sex she had through Gore Nuke. If you’ve got the courage to read a manga that likely exists far outside your personal comfort zone, then strap yourself in because Jail ZERO is a wildly erotic adventure that doesn’t pull any punches!

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