Jabberwock – Monster Girl Monday

Welcome to Monster Girl Mondays! Every Monday we celebrate a brand new lovely species of monster girl with some amazing art.


Habitat: Wonderland

Nature: Lustful, strong-willed, arrogant

Diet: Men’s spirit energy, meat, wild animals

Quick Facts:

  • Jabberwocks originate from a dragon that was perverted by the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland to having her pride come from lasciviousness and being able to overpower others.
  • Everything a dragon normally has, from overpowering force to incredible intelligence, is used by Jabberwocks to engage in and improve their sex lives.
  • They absolutely love giving oral sex!
  • Jabberwocks aren’t above letting others win if it gets them their way in the end, though men who catch their fancy will be subject to all of a Jabberwock’s might and be kidnapped to her den for relentless sex.
  • They love being showered in semen, so much that they deem their lasciviousness on just how much semen their mate can pour on them!
  • Any male deemed worthy by Jabberwocks can subdue them, though it’s best for the man if they state their interests frankly to the Jabberwock and push their desire onto them.

Source: The Monster Girl Encyclopedia

Jabberwocks seem like a complex monster girl, but all they really want is a proper man to show his desire by shoving his dick in their face and indulging in indecency and lasciviousness. Would you make one your mate?


Artist: Sookmo

Artist: NanoStar

Artist: Elakan

Artist: butter

Artist: VisCy

Artist: O S I I M I

Artist: Loen91




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