Image Play – Hentai Manga Review

There’s something about how a school uniform brings out the youth in women that really gets us going, and we’re not the only ones! Image Play by Hardboiled Yoshiko is all about a wife and husband reliving their youth with a little bit of cosplay.

When cleaning her daughter’s messy room while Kazu, her husband, is out, Ai discovers a her cute school uniform and decides to do a little image play and put it on! She’s shocked when Kazu comes back sooner than anticipated! Kazu is shocked too, but in quite a different way! He pins her to the wall and shows her just how attractive she is in the outfit with how hard he’s gotten just by looking at her. She’s reluctant at first to do anything raunchy in the school uniform, but she gets more and more into it and the situation brings the couple to remember how much they love each other!

Image Play was a great read from start to finish! Ai combines the best of oppai and twintails, and this is a definite must-read for people who love paizuri and cosplay. This hentai shows how despite how a relationship can get a little monotonous or routine after you’re with someone for a long time, there’s always opportunity to spice it up and re-ignite the flames of passion! Just…maybe don’t follow in their footsteps and use your daughter’s school outfit for it, there’s plenty of great schoolgirl outfits out there to find!

If you like feel-good hentai, you should read this hentai right away! Image Play is available right now on Fakku right here with a premium subscription.

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