Image Change – Hentai Manga Review

A tomboyish girl and her friend are at home playing video games together – Image Change by Puyocha has the perfect setup for a flawless hentai!

Katsuya and Subaru’s relationship isn’t really delved into in the manga, but we know that they’re at least close friends that spend time playing video games together. Subaru has a tomboyish streak, but she has a secret desire to dress up and look girly. Katsuya quickly offers Subaru’s sister’s clothing as an opportunity to try it out, and despite some initial hesitance from Subaru, she tries them on! She’s a little uncomfortable at first, but it’s clear the effect her new appearance has had on Katsuya. He quickly turns the tables and begins playing with her while she plays a video game, causing her to lose the game, but win something else – Katsuya’s full attention! They quickly begin exploring each others’ bodies and Katsuya admits his love for her mid-act! After an interruption from Subaru’s sister, they continue having sex! A few days after, Subaru puts on the cutest damned catgirl outfit she can buy for Katsuya, showing she’s fully embraced the girly side of herself.


Image Change is a typical hentai story about a tomboy discovering her cute self, but that setting is no detriment to the manga at all! Puyocha’s art is phenomenal – the short-haired Subaru is absolutely to die for even before she tries on her girly sister’s clothes, and is a complete knockout in the surprise catgirl outfit at the end of the manga! You can tell Subaru is absolutely losing her mind with all of her sexy ahegao expressions. The story is cute, and despite missing some background details, the fact that it dives right into the hentai leaves a lot of room for all of the great sex scenes! The addition of the visit by Subaru’s sister and the catgirl outfit of the end were the great cherries on top of this already amazing manga.

Image Change is a must-read if you’re a lover of short-haired, tomboyish, video game playing women, and if you’re not we definitely think you’ll be converted by the end of it! You can catch it on Fakku with a premium subscription right here.

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