I Became Their Pet – Hentai Manga Review

Would you become someone’s personal puppy? Well, Kojima Saya takes that situation and creates one of the best femdom manga around it in I Became Their Pet!

Our protagonist finds himself at an H-shop browsing their latest releases, when he reminisces aloud about his favorite sex scenario; getting dominated by a beautiful woman! He’s mortified when he sees that three gorgeous gals overheard him, but he finds out that they’re more than curious onlookers; they were looking for someone just like him! After proposing that he become their personal dog, they hand him a pair of ears and a tail and take him to a love hotel for a night he won’t ever forget! They dominate him all night, sticking the doggy tail buttplug up his ass and forcing him to fuck all of them repeatedly all night long! 

This hentai is one of my all-time favorite femdom manga – it hits all of the marks: sexy ladies, pet play, and a lot of femdom with little pain involved (outside of how raw our protagonist must have been after fucking them constantly all night long!). Every scene is gorgeously drawn and there’s plenty of oppai to go around. Each woman has a very distinct archetype, both in looks and how they act through the sex-filled night, so there’s bound to be someone that appeals to you in this! 

Please, do yourself a favor and go read I Became Their Pet on Fakku! You won’t regret it.

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