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Welcome back to another edition of Hentai Trending! Where we get down and dirty with data to find out what kinds of hentai people are getting off to across the world!

This week we’re going to continue our dive into obscurity with another hentai term that isn’t quite as popular as the heavy hitters like bondage, but it still packs a punch with a huge fetish following.  Let’s throw one part animal girls, one part objectification, and a few parts lactation into our Hentai Trending pot and see what comes out! I hope you’re pumped! 

Artist: オカヤド

Do you get off on the idea of a milking machine strapped to your mammaries and sucking you dry? How about having a personal farm full of women who exist only to be milked and fucked? If so, welcome to the hucow fold… or rather… field!

Artist: DR. W

Hucow is a term that combines both ‘human’ and ‘cow’ and the definitions vary depending on where you look, but it typically stands for the combination of both human and cow lifestyles. Heavy lactation, milking machines, and beautiful cowgirls are all a part of this wonderful hentai trend.

Artist: 85G

Let’s take a look at where hucow is trending across the world first!

Did you know that Denmark has a booming dairy industry and exports as much as 2/3rds of the milk it produces? There might be a little spillover into hentai, because Denmark is the top hucow trending country in the world! Denmark is closely followed by the USA, Austria, Germany, and Australia to form the top 5 hucow trending countries!

Artist: ランドルトたまき

The USA made it to #2 in the top countries! Let’s dive deeper and see where hucow is trending across the states:

Maine takes it home as the #1 state that would love to see some human cattle farms pop up! Montana, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Missouri were all close runners up, taking spots 2-5 respectively. Of all of those states, Wisconsin is also currently one of the top dairy producing states in the country… maybe we could convert some of those cow farms into hucow farms?

Artist: fuyu

That’s it for this edition of Hentai Trending! I hope you were MOOOOved by this article and maybe discovered a whole new hentai kink! Do you have a suggestion for a future edition of Hentai Trending? Leave us a comment or tweet us


Artist: シンヤ


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