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Welcome back to Hentai Trending, the article series where we get down and dirty with data and look at what you all have been searching for across the web!

This week we’re going to go back to a wonderful era… an era before technology trimmed and landscaped vast swathes of beautiful land across the world. In these times, we were happy with what we had! And do you know what we had in spades?


Artist: ぬっぺほふ

Pubic hair, armpit hair, and other kinds of body hair ocuses on finding beauty in an unshaved person! It may be a societal trend for a woman to shave her armpits and pubic hair, but there are plenty of guys and gals out there who are hurt every day by this movement!


Outside of highlighting someone’s natural beauty, there are many other reasons to love an unshaved body. This trend often combos well with scent-based fetishes due to our hair’s ability to capture and retain our natural musk. Other people love the feel of it as they orally service others, and others even want nothing more than to taste an unshaved pit! Of course, hair on your body also keeps you warmer during the cold Winter months!

Artist: えれ2エアロ

Let’s take a look what countries are proud of their love of hairy hentai:

Swaziland seems to be the mecca of all things body hair, searching for all kinds of hairy hentai twice as much as every other country. Papua New Guinea, Zambia, South Africa, and Nepal take spots 2-5 respectively.


The USA takes 18th place which isn’t surprising given our own cultural trends of shaving our body hair. Let’s see who our shining champions of body hair in the USA are!

People in West Virginia have two things in common so far – their love for feet and their love for body hair! West Virginia takes another #1 spot on our list, followed by New Jersey, Nevada, Rhode Island, and New York. Yet again we see an East coast trend interrupted by Nevada – fitting for the state housing Sin City!

Artist: てんぴぼし

That wraps up this week’s hentai trending! Do you have a suggestion for a future topic? Let us know in the comments or tweet us!


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