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Welcome back to Hentai Trending, the article series where we get down and dirty with data and look at what you all have been searching for across the web!

This week we’re going to ask everyone to think on their feet for a moment… no, I’m not asking you to think quickly. I’m asking you to think about which your favorite ones are, because this week we’re covering everything about feet!

Artist: 村上水軍

Artist: 和口

Foot fetishism covers the general sexual interest in feet, and it is one of the more popular fetishes around. Over time, it’s been split into many different kinds of sub-fetishes, including: foot licking, foot worship, stepping, foot odor, footjobs, shoejobs, toe sucking… The list goes on!

Artist: Lasterk

There’s something strangely erotic about feet that’s hard to explain for a lot of people. They’re a part of our body we don’t really pay a lot of attention to normally, and something you may not normally relate to as a sexual object, but researchers have even proposed in the past that our feet may share the same cortex in our brains as our genitalia. Maybe that’s why a good foot rub is an almost euphoric experience?

Artist: kazutheking

Let’s take a look what countries love to include a little footplay in their sex:

St. Helena beats most other countries by a wide margin! For such a small country, they sure have a huge love for feet! Lebanon, Armenia, Syria, and Ethiopia take places 2-5 respectively.

Artist: らむち

The USA takes 8th place – not too shabby! Let’s take a look at the popularity of foot fetishism within the States:

People in West Virginia sure do spend a lot of time thinking about feet, taking #1! New Jersey, Nevada, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania take spots 2-5. This would have been a clean sweep for the East coast, but Nevada snuck in and almost took the first place spot!

Artist: BroKao

That wraps up this week’s hentai trending! Do you have a suggestion for a future topic? Let us know in the comments or tweet us!

Artist: kantarella

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