Housewife Sex Shop Style – Hentai Manga Review

How do you feel about aprons, fantastic art, oppai, and wholesome sex? If this sounds like a good time to you, then the recent hentai Housewife Sex Shop Style is right up your alley! 

Housewife Sex Shop Style was created by Oohira Sunset who recently debuted earlier year with this first release. This hentai revolves around a misunderstanding between a married couple that happens when a the wife discovers a sex club membership card in her husband’s jacket. The creator could have taken this setup in a lot of different directions, but the way the story plays out is almost perfect!

After discovering the card in her husband’s possession, the wife decides to study up on the kinds of sex her husband is interested in, throws on a heart-shaped apron, and services him to show that she’s 100% better than anything a sex club could offer  – despite the husband refuting the claims that he’s ever been to a sex shop. This leads to amazing sex scenes, including a reverse blowjob, analingus, a thighjob, and more! Every scene is incredibly well-drawn and narrated.

Speaking of the narration and writing, the wife and husbands’ reactions to the different sex acts are absolutely perfect. They ring of a vanilla couple who’s exploring new ways to have sex with each other for the first time, and the way they respond to the different activities is both erotic and adorable – you can really feel the love the two have for each other!

Oohira Sunset really knows how to play with perspective and expressions, as well. The perspective changes to the husband’s point of view at one point and you get a stunning image of his wife on top of him. The wife’s expressions at certain points in this manga are absolutely killer, from looks of pure lust and seduction to amazing ahoge.

Overall, I highly recommend reading Housewife Sex Shop Style to anyone who loves sex – and that means you! I won’t spoil the ending, but if you have a Fakku membership you can read Housewife Sex Shop Style online right now and find out what happens to these married lovebirds!

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