Honey Select Unlimited – Eroge Review

Have you ever wanted to create your own hentai but lack the artistic know-how? Then I have great news! FAKKU’s localized release of Honey Select Unlimited gives you everything you need to direct your own sexy, steamy scenes featuring two actors that can fuck with a myriad of sex acts–controlled by you! I had heard of the game’s developer, Illusion, way back when they launched their Sexy Beach series. As this is this first hardcore sex game I’ve ever purchased, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect besides what the demo had to offer. After several extended sessions, I couldn’t be more satisfied (and horny) with the fun found inside Honey Select Unlimited.

The game puts you in the role of a random somebody (what he looks like is entirely up to you) who has been invited to partake in the delights of a high-class brothel managed by a sexy blonde woman named Sitri. With her help, she makes women of all shapes and sizes available at your command to fuck into a complete frenzy in a variety of rooms and locations. Through Sitri, you can find girls by using a search engine or create your own from the ground up via a character creator. No matter how you find a partner, they come with their own preset personalities, sexual experiences, and traits. Sadistic and yandere personalities would be up for rougher, more intense experiences while others play more demure and innocent roles. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which girl you want to have fun with. You’re given total freedom to pick your girl type and sex styles without having to worry about playing through a linear, tightly controlled “game” before you’re free to do whatever you want.

Choosing a girl to have sex with is pretty straightforward. The quickest way is to search for someone through Sitri. You’re given a character selection screen where you can set all sorts of parameters, from body and breast size to personality and demeanor. If you love girls with glasses or elf ears, there are separate checkboxes for both. It’s a little strange that they call these two out specifically but if they included them, it probably means someone on the development staff specifically wanted it. After you’ve made your selections, the game will generate a random character based on your choices (you can keep generating random girls until you’ve found someone you like). You can add as many women to your selection list and assign them to different rooms.

The other way to find a girl to have sex with is to simply make your own. This is where Honey Select Unlimited really shines. Like many others, I played the demo of the game before it was released as was really impressed with how much control you have over the look of both male and female avatars. There are sliders for practically every body part you can imagine: cheekbones, chin, skin color, breasts, areolae, ears, eyebrows, pubic hair, and so one, and so one. You’re free to sculpt, tweak, and enhance the avatars to fit all manner of personal preferences. Personally, I don’t have the patience or eye for detail to make really good looking characters or model them after certain hentai and anime characters. My problem–well, I couldn’t call it a problem, exactly–is that I tweak things for a minute or two before I find the breast slider, move it all the way to the right and call it a day. Why? Because I like huge tits and I can do whatever I want. Honey Select Unlimited’s character creator is awesome but I wish the scope could be expanded a little further to include nonhuman character designs like demons, monster girls, and cowgirls.

Once you’ve settled on a body type, you can dress characters using a vast collection of clothing options and accessories. T-shirts, bathing suits, evening wear, sleep clothes, all of these can be changed and modified with a wardrobe that expands as you play through the game. FAKKU even included in-game clothing designed after their real-world merchandise. You can then save your characters for use in the game (and share them with other players) by creating a card that can be customized with special backgrounds and character poses.

With the characters made, it’s time to get down to the fucking. After picking a room and a character, you’re given free reign to perform as many sex acts as you desire. You’ll have a limited repertoire of options at first but the more you play and the more girls you have sex with, you’ll earn more intense and dynamic actions. Sex acts are split into Give, Receive, Insert, and Special categories. For the most part, all positions are designed to trigger pleasure in both partners, though when it comes to oral sex, tit fucking, and fingering, only the character on the receiving end earns pleasure. Pleasure is identified by two circular gauges, one for the man and the other for the woman. You can control the speed and intensity of a chosen sex act using the Mouse wheel and the trick is to find the “sweet spot” that causes the pleasure gauge to fill up. Once the gauges reach a specific threshold, the game triggers a faster and more intense version of the activity. And when the woman’s pleasure gauge gets maxed out, she breaks out into a shuddering, screaming orgasm. As for the male character, reaching the top of his pleasure meter lets you choose whether or not you want to cum inside, outside, or simultaneously with his partner.

Sex in Honey Select Unlimited is really fun because it is so hands on, be it choosing which sex to have, positioning the camera to get the best views, and making live changes to the scene. For example, you can change the nature of the woman’s clothing on the fly. They always start the scene with their clothes on but at the click of the button you can make them look partially undressed (I love the look of the woman’s bra pulled up above their breasts) to fully nude. It’s weird that you don’t have the same type of control over the male’s appearance. If you want your man to be naked, you’ll have to go to the game’s main options screen to set that. The more girls you have sex with, the better your chances of unlocking achievements. By performing specific tasks, you’ll unlock new sex acts and in-game camera features that give you even more freedom in how a scene is presented.

As far as sex video games go, Honey Selected Unlimited is awesome. The high quality content, both in what is available and how good the game looks, left me feeling pretty satisfied with the product. I love the achievement system as it adds even more incentive to try out different women and experiment with the character creator. Although I wish there were more options, like choosing two girls to create threesomes, pair two women together for yuri scenes (and two men for yaoi scenes to keep things fair), and monster girl options, I love playing this game. I’ll never be in a position to create hentai content because I am not nearly as talented an artist but creating my own scenes in this game is the next best thing.

Want to play  Honey Selected Unlimited? It’s available on FAKKU now!

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