Honey Select Unlimited Official English Release!

Back in December FAKKU announced their partnership with the Japanese game developer Illusion. They’ve finally officially announced the first game they are localizing for English speakers and it’s Honey Select Unlimited! This is also the first game FAKKU is releasing under their brand. 

Honey Select was originally released back in 2015 in Japan only with no glimmer of any localization but some fans made fan translated mods. It’s a virtual simulator game where you can make your character pretty much look like anyone and then put them in lewd situations. So pretty much the perfect game for me. 

The game includes all the original features and more! Of course there are thousands of customization options and there are different fully voiced personality traits and the characters change based on your choices in the game. 


If you are not the creative type they also have default characters you can choose including the FAKKU mascot Momoka! 

You can also create custom downloadable trading cards featuring your creations (or Momoka bae) that you can share with your friends or use to save your characters for later. 

FAKKU has also noted that they will not do anything to discourage mods but they do state that if it breaks your game it’s your own damn fault (OK they didn’t say it like that… they said “However, as with any fan and unofficial created content, we are not liable and cannot vouch for any unofficial mods in their stability, content, or overall compatibility with save/card data. Please careful at your own risk and use mods responsibly.”) 

They also stated they are working towards a Mac port (I’m rejoicing RN… it’s going to look so hot on my sexy Mac display) AND if you buy the PC version you will get the Mac version upon release! That’s great for us that are bi-computual (I don’t think that’s a word.)

They have also planned two DLC pack releases and hope to continue to support the game as much as they can. 

The game is available for pre-order NOW and there is a sweet demo you can check out. The game officially comes out in March 2018.

Click to pre-order Honey Select Unlimited

We can’t wait to play this game and try to recreate our mascot Umi in it! What type characters will you be creating?

(Source: FAKKU)

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