Holstaur – Monster Girl Monday

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Habitat: Grasslands and human settlements

Nature: Gentle and devoted

Diet: Omnivorous (favors grass)

Quick Facts:

  • Unlike the violent Minotaur, Holstaur have a much more amiable personality and live with humans in their settlements.
  • Holstaur can be identified by their unique white and black coats.
  • While they may not be the best thinkers, a Holstaur loves nothing more than to find a human and settle down with him.
  • An affectionate Holstaur will press her breasts against you, and they love for you to squeeze them in return!
  • Holstaur typically won’t force sex on their master, but if he ignores her long enough, she can revert to her aggressive instincts and take him by force until she’s satisfied!
  • The only other way to spark a Holstaur’s aggression is by showing them the color red for a prolonged period of time.
  • Holstaur milk is tasty and nutritious! They can produce it without having children, and it’s so healthy you can drink it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and be completely satisfied!

Source: Monster Girl Encyclopedia Vol. 1

Do you want a Holstaur of your very own? While authentic Holstaur hentai is hard to come across, we’ve found plenty of ladies who love to dress up just like them! Who is your favorite?

Artist: monorus

Artist: tras030303

Artist: カクダイ

Artist: こくもつ

Artist: 太平

Artist: RAYN@

Artist: つきみ

Artist: Crescentia



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