High Orc – Monster Girl Monday

Welcome to Monster Girl Mondays! Every Monday we celebrate a brand new lovely species of monster girl with some amazing art.

High Orc

Habitat: Mountains

Nature: Lustful, bold, ferocious

Diet: Omnivorous

Quick Facts:

  • High Orcs are natural born leaders, commanding packs of orcs and inspiring them with bravery!
  • A contributing source of their leadership is their distinct musk which drives any nearby orc into a lust-filled frenzy!
  • They are incredibly aggressive, seeking men as prey and aggressively violating any they capture.
  • If a high orc falls in battle, the pack of orcs they are leading will lose all of their morale and their will to fight.
  • After a high orc is defeated, they lose their belligerent personality and become timid monsters who only want to pleasure the man who defeated them!
  • A defeated high orc’s scent transforms into a pleasing scent to their male victor, causing him to be filled with lust and maintain a maximum erection.

Source: The Monster Girl Encyclopedia

Encountering a high orc seems like a win/win no matter the outcome. You can either lose to them and become their pack’s personal sex slave or win against them and have them become your personal sex slave! Which would you prefer?

Artist: Barbariank

Artist: paundo2

Artist: butter

Artist: ELH

Artist: peachpii


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