Hungry For More – Hentai Manga Review

Kirihara Yuu brings us a wonderful story about eating for two with the hentai manga Hungry For More

The setup for this story is something a lot of people resonate with – after too many instant or convenience store meals, sometimes you really need a freshly prepared meal! That urge is what prompts Takimoto to go to a nearby pub where he meets Shimazaki, a gorgeous office-worker, that happens to be enjoying a meal at the same pub! They share stories about how cooking at home for one person is hard and Shimazaki ends up inviting Takimoto over for a freshly cooked meal! She cooks him a delicious meal, gets drunk on some sake brewed in his hometown, and after all of that food decides it’s time for the main course – a night of hot sex!



Shimazaki’s design is great – she has a sweet charm to her and an amazing smile that Takimoto is quick to point out (not to mention some serious oppai!). The story makes it easy for the reader to identify with Takimoto, since a lot of us have been in his shoes before after one too many cheap meals. Nothing beats home cooking with a little bit of love in it, after all! 

The sex scenes in the manga are equally great. Shimazaki attacks Takimoto’s penis with her mouth vigorously and you can really tell how into him she really is. The sweaty and messy depictions of a vigorous night of sex are spot on, and I love how into it both of them are. It gets better and better as you keep on reading, being treated to wonderful expressions from Shimazaki like a lick of the lips and a pair of deviously sultry eyes. At the end we’re treated to Shimazaki in a pair of fuzzy clothes that makes you want nothing more than to cuddle up next to her and enjoy a home-cooked meal.

This was a great hentai from start to finish! You can see for yourself and read Hungry For More on Fakku’s website with a premium subscription right now!

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