Hentai Faves You Can Get on Amazon

Hentai? On Amazon? Not usually something you think about but SURPRISE! You can find some fun hentai or ecchi stuff and merch on Amazon! Here’s a list of my favorite items! This is also a wonderful way to support our site while getting something you want!

Note: This article includes some affiliate links and the prices reflect the prices when the article was written.

These aren’t x-rated but they are two of my favorite books! They are like the encyclopedias of yore that we used to nerd out about in school but with monster girls! And hot monster girls to boot!

Monster Girl Encyclopedia I  $26.99

Monster Girl Encyclopedia II $26.71

Both have Prime free one-day shipping!

While we are on the subject of our beloved monster girls… I’ve featured this manga before but honestly it is one of my favorite hentai manga titles and you can get it on Amazon! How convenient! It’s 200 pages and in English and most importantly… it features the cutest monster girls!

Idol Monster Girls $15.95 + $3.99 S&H

For you scholarly types who really want to get into the weeds of hentai manga, The History of Hentai Manga: An Expressionist Examination of EroManga is a great book! It’s available in English on Amazon but it is more of a read than… a visual stimulant.

$9.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited
$19.99 for the paperback version
Prime One-Day Shipping

Specific recommendations aside, Amazon sells a wide variety of censored and uncensored physical hentai manga and their prices are pretty decent!

Buy hentai manga on Amazon and support Hentai HQ!

Of course, there are also DVDs and Blu-Rays as well but most are not available via prime so you will have to pay for shipping and possibly wait a week or so to get them.

Buy hentai movies/show on Amazon and support Hentai HQ

There are also figures available on Amazon but you do need to be careful and watch out for crappy knockoffs! Be sure to check the reviews and look at the pics. I’ve seen some pretty ugly knockoffs lol! But there are also a lot of cute figures! Most of them are not available via Prime so you will have to pay for shipping and wait upwards of a month until you get them.

Buy figures on Amazon to support Hentai HQ!

Honestly this next item is so cute and you can make the lights match whatever LED lights you’ve got going on in your office! (I have blue under desk lights and blue keyboard and mouse light effects!) It’s a large mousepad with LED backlighting and cute lewd ladies!

Ecchi/Hentai Mousepads $45.99 + $8.99 S&H

There’s a lot more available on Amazon than I’ve covered but these are just some of my favorite things! Would you like me to review individual manga, movies, or figures? Let me know in the comments!

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