HentaiCon Is Coming

There has been talk of a hentai convention in the community for over a decade. In fact even in 2001 we were promised that one was coming soon by Brad Jackson but that never happened. Then Hentai Con Las Vegas popped up and started collecting money to throw a hentai convention via GoFundMe but that didn’t come into fruition and the date keeps getting pushed back. Currently it says Christmas 2018… 

Well we have excellent news for you! A hentai convention is coming! FOR REAL! Not long ago a new group of people not affiliated with the past hentai conventions announced HentaiCon and it’s really happening guys! 

Here are the basic details: 

When? November 2nd – 4th

Where: The Burbank Airport Marriott in Burbank California 

3-day badges start at $35 but they will go up to $40 after the first 350 badges are sold. At the door badges will be $45 and it looks like only 3-day badges are available at this time. Badges are available to purchase HERE

So far we know there will be an exhibit hall, artists alley, panels and special guests but not much has been announced quite yet. They are currently accepting panel pitches, exhibitor, and artist applications now so make sure that you head over to their website if you’re interested in applying! 

So far they have announced a special guest Kawaii Bro Cosplay!

For events they have announce four so far. 

Cosplay Wrestling Federation: Money Shot

As you can imagine this is people in cosplay wrestling! They have done events at multiple conventions in the past so it will be neat to see what they bring to HentaiCon. Learn more here. 


Kiss♥Pink: Fan Service Maid Party

This event will be inspired by the maid cafés of Akihabara. They have hired a diverse cast of maids who will serve you yummy treats and drinks. The party will be held on November 2nd with more details coming soon! More info here.


Dōbutsu Lounge

This group has been holding late-night hostess and host lounges since 2013. On Saturday November 3rd  from 9PM – 1AM they will be hosting a lounge at HentaiCon featuring games, drinks, and talented ladies AND gentlemen so there really is something for everyone! Learn more here.


BL Bingo 

If you are a fan of yaoi AKA boys love this event is for you! This will combine a talent show and a live auction with a yaoi twist. It looks like time with the talent show performers will be auctioned off. The funds raised will go to future similar events and a portion will be donated to an LGBTQ charity but the percentage and charity have not been announced yet. Learn more here.

That’s all the information we have now but as things get announced we will keep updating all of you!

Make sure to check out HentaiCon via the links below:






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