Hellhound (Redux) – Monster Girl Monday

Welcome to Monster Girl Mondays! Every Monday we celebrate a brand new lovely species of monster girl with some amazing art! The Redux series brings back a previously featured monster girl with new art. The art in the redux articles may include variants or subspecies to ensure you get the best monster girls around.


Habitat: Volcanic regions, graveyards, the demon realm

Nature: Ferocious, selfish, bold

Diet: Carnivorous

Quick Facts:

  • Hellhounds are untamable monster girls that believe that they should force men, who are weak by nature, into submission as their mates.
  • Once captured, hellhounds have rough and wild sex at their whim with their mate, fulfilling any and every desire the hellhound could have.
  • Despite the rough and wild sex, hellhounds are known for taking care of their weak human mates and protect them fiercely.
  • The more a hellhound has sex with its mate, the more a deepened sense of love blooms and brings on her maternal instincts to become pregnant.
  • Even though some people try to tame hellhounds, they are never truly broken – they’re just waiting for the perfect time to break free and violate their would-be tamer.

Source: The Monster Girl Encyclopedia

Artist: alder

Artist: KOSHI

Artist: paundo2

Artist: squishier

Artist: Devirish



Artist: Redd Geist

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