Hellhound – Monster Girl Monday

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Habitat: Volcanic regions, graveyards, the demon realm

Nature: Ferocious, selfish, bold

Diet: Carnivorous

Quick Facts:

  • Hellhounds are untamable monster girls that believe that they should force men, who are weak by nature, into submission as their mates.
  • Once captured, hellhounds have rough and wild sex at their whim with their mate, fulfilling any and every desire the hellhound could have.
  • Despite the rough and wild sex, hellhounds are known for taking care of their weak human mates and protect them fiercely.
  • The more a hellhound has sex with its mate, the more a deepened sense of love blooms and brings on her maternal instincts to become pregnant.
  • Even though some people try to tame hellhounds, they are never truly broken – they’re just waiting for the perfect time to break free and violate their would-be tamer.

Source: The Monster Girl Encyclopedia

If hellhounds existed, they would certainly be an illegal pet to have! How does it sound to be captured and become one of these hellhound’s mate?

Artist: butter

Artist: NanoStar

Artist: O S I I M I

Artist: InfaltableAstaroth

Artist: TwistedScarlett60

Artist: sub-res

Artist: Kanachirou

Artist: うめゆかり


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