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Do you like games with a lot of cute girls? How about we throw a little bit of anthropomorphism into the mix? Do mobile simulation games catch your eye? No, this isn’t Kantai Collection, because our girls are based on guns! Welcome to Girls Frontline!

Kalina (Girls Frontier Mascot) by Artist: 食姐

Girls Frontline was developed by MICA Team in 2016 based on another game they made quite a few years ago. The US version of the game was just released this month, though!

There are a few things that make this a really interesting mobile game that stands out from the rest of the crowd:

  • The game was created in China, but all of the characters are voiced by top-tier Japanese VA talent.
  • All of the characters are based on real life guns, and use the guns they’re based on in battle.
  • You don’t have to spend real money to get these girls

I know a lot of games tote that third point, but Girls Frontline almost goes to a length to keep you from spending your hard earned dosh on its digital girls. You manufacture new characters by spending some of your four different resources; the amount of each you spend influences the kind of characters and rate you get rare characters at. These same resources are used to play the game, are given pretty generously, and are prohibitively expensive to purchase with real money. This means if you play enough you can target your waifu and get her!

Girls Frontline itself is a simulation game, meaning you’ll balance those four resources to run maps. You create echelons of 5 girls and use them to play through maps, much like a strategy game. These girls are separated into different classes based on the gun type they’re based on:

  • SMGs: Frontline tanks.
  • Assault Rifles: Backline DPS (targets frontline).
  • [Sniper] Rifles: Backline DPS (targets backline).
  • Handguns: Buffers, support, and semi-tanks.
  • Machine Guns: Backline DPS (chews through the most resources, but very high damage).
  • Shotgun: Frontline tanks (incredibly tanky, but not in the US version yet).

The character designs in the game are great and have something for everyone, whether you’re into moe, twintails, tsundere, housewives, catgirls… the list goes on! In fact, there’s an event going on at the time this article is being published that gets you the special Five-SeveN girl (pictured below), so this is a great time to download it off the Android or Apple app stores and give it a shot! If you need help, this beginner’s guide and the local subreddit are both great sources of information for the game.

However, I do know that just telling you about the game may not be enough to get you in. A final item I haven’t mentioned is that this game is kind of huge in China, Korea, and Japan (which is actually just now getting its own server). If you know anything about the world of hentai, you know what that means – SO. MUCH. HENTAI! We’ve featured some of our favorites below, so check them out and give the game a shot and let us know what you think!

AK-12 by Artist: 方丈要吃肉(修行ing)

Five-SeveN by Artist: Jon.H

Springfield by Artist: SteamKuma

Springfield by Artist: YellowSeeds

WA2000 by Artist: ジンゴ

UMP45 and UMP9 by Artist: 毛玉丸

PTRD by Artist: 栗鼠君

PK by Artist: Chiyo Goya

Kar98k by Artist: Chiyo Goya

DSR-50 by Artist: 赤霄

M1918 by Artist: PatchouliGo

M1918 by Artist: ZENGE

WA2000 and DSR-50 by Artist: Carol.J.Jamison


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