Princess Peach – Game Girls

Every Friday we spotlight a brand new game girl for you to feast your eyes on. This week we’re getting classical by featuring Nintendo’s first lady! Enjoy the beautiful art drawn below and be sure to check out the artists!

Name: Princess Peach

Birthplace: Mushroom Kingdom

Game: Super Marios Bros., the Mario Kart series, Mario Superstar Baseball, Mario Sports Mix, Super Mario Maker, Mario Odyssey…the list goes on!

Game Type: Multiple

Age: Unknown

Occupation: Mushroom Kingdom Royalty, That Girl That Beats You At Every Sport

Strengths: The Long Jump, multi-track kart drifting

Weaknesses: Incredibly weak to kidnapping

Fun Fact: Did you know that Princess Peach, along with many of the other original Mario Bros. cast, was based off of a Popeye character? Peach herself was loosely based on Olive Oyl!

Artist: lumineko arts

Artist: ゆるゃ

Artist: 蛋白質

Artist: Owler


Artist: BOW

Artist: すみやお

Artist: 髭寅

Artist: Lord Dominik

890484 - Princess Peach Sigurd von Hosenfeld Super by Chundalapato

Artist: Chundalapato

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