Ganyu – Rule 34

It’s about time that we do THE GOAT! This week’s rule 34 features the one and only Ganyu hailing from Liyue! She is part god (adeptus) and one of the greatest damage five stars you can rock! She is my go-to for ranged attacks and one of my fridge team mains. Not only is she powerful but… she’s cute af! There is some amazing art featuring Ganyu and we are here to feature the best of the best! Make sure you check out and follow the artists below.

Artist: Machi
Artist: Gen_678
Artist: Gen_678
Artist: CLA
Artist: 咸鱼喵CAT
Artist: けん
Artist: HVVT
Artist: Milky3Times
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Artist: ぉ〜た
Artist: 蜜柑
Artist: Lemon Snail
Artist: Lemon Snail
Artist: Knosdeba
Artist: Unfairr
Artist: AqrScor

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